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An electronic portfolio or e-Portfolio is a generic term encompassing a wide range of types and products. An e-Portfolio is an electronic workspace (much like a classroom exercise book but with many more benefits).


Students can use an e-Portfolio to demonstrate their learning, skills and development. They can also use e-Portfolios to record their achievements over time to a selected audience. e-Portfolios encourage reflective learning, personalised learning and lifelong learning.


An e-Portfolio would provide a personal learning environment where students can share samples of work, reflect on their learning, set goals, celebrate achievement and receive feedback and feed forward from their teacher. Using an e-Portfolio would allow parents and caregivers to access their child’s work throughout the year and comment on their child’s learning. An e-Portfolio would be similar to the ‘hard copy’ portfolios that students currently bring home twice a year, however one of the advantages would be that students could share work with parents and whānau on an ongoing basis.


Being cloud based, any e-Portfolio content would ‘owned’ by the student rather than the school, enabling students to continue to access their work once they leave Kumeroa-Hopelands School and move on to college. You would have control over your child’s e-Portfolio content.


Please either leave a comment on this page or email office@kumeroa.school.nz to indicate your preference. We would be interested in which of the following responses best describes your thinking in regards to e-Portfolios.

  • No thanks, that’s not for me.


  • I’m leaning towards no, but I would be interested in some more information about the idea.


  • Neutral


  • I’m leaning towards yes, but I would be interested in some more information about the idea.


  • Yes, definitely.


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