Health and physical education survey

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Health and physical education survey


The Kumeroa-Hopelands School Board of Trustees and management believe that students are better able to attain their highest levels of engagement, progress and achievement outcomes when the school and community are working together. As such the Kumeroa-Hopelands Board of Trustees is committed to engaging the community through a variety of means.


Consultation and communication is an ongoing reciprocal process. The Board of Trustees is the body that makes key strategic and governance decisions for the school. Consultation will be used to inform that process, but not replace the key function of governance.


We are wanting to hear your thoughts around what content should be taught as part of the Health and physical education curriculum at Kumeroa-Hopelands School. There are four strands and seven key of learning within the Health and physical education curriculum. The four strands have been listed below as column headings. The seven key areas of learning are mental health, sexuality education, food and nutrition, body care and physical safety, physical activity, sport studies and outdoor education. All seven areas are to be included in teaching and learning programmes at some point during primary school.


Health and physical education is taught either alongside other curriculum areas or, at times may be integrated into other topics. While there are a considerable number of topics listed over the page, time dictates that besides daily fitness and weekly physical education lessons, only a handful of health and physical education topics can be taught in any one year. The aim is to provide an opportunity for students to have learnt about the majority of these topics by the time they leave Kumeroa-Hopelands School.

We would like your thoughts on the ways we currently promote the good health, wellbeing and hauora of our students. Please read through these and rate them from 1=very important to 3=least importance. Also add any comments and topics that you think are also important for us to consider in our Health and physical education curriculum delivery plan.

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Comments and/or suggested topics for inclusion in our Health and physical education curriculum delivery plan.








Please return this form to the school office asap or alternatively comment on this page.


Thank you!


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