The School Day

Our school day begins at 9 a.m., allowing our buses to arrive and for our students to have time to settle in and get ready for the day ahead.

We have morning tea at 10.30 am and lunch at 12.30 with regular activity breaks throughout the day. 


Kumeroa School has 2 school buses that collect students from around our area bringing them to school each day.

Contribution - $15 per student, per term (Maximum of paying for two students in each family)

Our Office Manager, Donna, will work out which bus run will work for your family.


In 2023 we will purchase the student's stationery at school.  This will cost each student $25 which will be put on their account.  The reason for this is so we can buy only the books needed and get a discount for buying in bulk.  This is a trial for 2023 and we will be interested in your feedback as the year progresses.

Links for Learning

At Kumeroa School, we make the most of online tools as part of our teaching program. Below is a selection of sites and programs that we use in class that you might be interested in at home. 


An online Maths program, with personalised learning and exciting games and challenges to promote mastery. Programs are set and monitored by teachers, however, students are also free to explore and take part in live competitions.

Steps Web 

Leading online literacy program, originally designed here in NZ,  which adapts to each learner and practises all the core skills needed for reading and spelling.

Education Perfect

Another NZ developed program giving students access to a variety of subjects including Literacy, Numeracy, Social Studies and Science. Students will at times have tasks set by teachers but are also free to explore for their own interest.

Kiwi Kids News 

A news website designed for young readers, providing current events and news stories in a child-friendly format.