At Kumeroa School we know how lucky we are to be in a rural setting. Our agri-curriculum seamlessly integrates the wonders of agriculture into our students' learning journey, fostering a deep connection to the land and empowering them with essential life skills.

Each year, we eagerly anticipate our Pet Day, a highlight for our whole community. Pet day is an opportunity for students to bring the lambs or calves they have fed, groomed and trained to school.  The local community experts come along as Judges. We know that not all of our students come from farms so we see plenty of dogs and other animals as well.

In our vegetable gardens, students get their hands dirty, cultivating an appreciation for food production. They learn about the process of growing vegetables, from seed to harvest, and gain an understanding of nutrition and healthy eating habits. Our annual potato growing competition is hotly contested.

At Kumeroa School, our agri-curriculum intertwines education with real-world experiences, providing our students with a holistic understanding of agriculture and its significance in our lives. Through Pet Day, caring for native bush, growing vegetables, raising chickens, and hosting bee hives, our students not only acquire knowledge but also develop empathy, environmental consciousness, and practical life skills. We aim to cultivate a generation of informed, compassionate, and capable individuals, who can take these skills on into the future with them.